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Easy ways to maintain a clean warehouse

Warehouses are storage spaces with lots of stuff and people everywhere coming in and out of the building. If you believe that it won’t get all sorts of messy after not cleaning it for a while, you are in for a rude awakening. If not properly taken care of, the mess a warehouse accumulates will snowball until it becomes totally haphazardous. There are many places that need to be cleaned in a warehouse, even more so if you have Nolte Mezzanine floors.

Maintaining a work environment that is clean and safe is standard for any job out there, so it is owed to the employees that the place they are working in for hours at a time is tidy. If that isn’t the case, employees run the risk of getting hurt on the job and experiencing low morale.

In this post, you will find valuable tips on how you can preserve a clean warehouse.

Large debris should be tossed 

At a warehouse, you will see many boxes of all shapes and sizes. Those boxes are mainly all made of cardboard and when they are opened, many times that cardboard is thrown on the floor. As normal as this is, it should be equally as normal to pick up the big pieces of trash as soon as possible. The longer they stay everywhere on the floor the bigger the safety haphazard becomes. Employees can trip and fall over them and get hurt or worse. Once the biggest pieces are cleaned up, everything else will be easier.

Get rid of dust and stains

The next things to clean are the dust and stains that warehouses seem to constantly attract. By mopping the floors with hot water and wiping any surfaces with hot water, the dust and any stickiness can get cleaned up. Wiping and mopping dust away with hot water ensures that the dust doesn’t just come back after everything gets dried.

Dry everything up

After using water to clean, letting things air dry during everyday cleaning will also present safety haphazard to employees working during the cleaning process. Slippery floors are not the way to go in a warehouse where everyone is coming and going, many with things in their hands. All surfaces must be dried as well so no products or other stock gets wet.