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Lease your IPv4 address for a smooth IPv6 switch

Improvements in technology these years have unfortunately worn the resource of IPv4 address space out way too much. Throughout the 80s, the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) provided the first of four billion Internet Protocol version 4 addresses, all totally unique. And now, after just a few decades, they have all been used up. Due to this, the exchange market for IPv4 addresses has boomed. People who want to buy IPv4 addresses search for those who are willing to sell theirs. As enthusiastic as both parties are, this market is not without instability. With rates falling low or climbing high and alternations in the supply and demand raises precariousness within the previously enthusiastic parties. Luckily, there is another alternative to buying or selling IPv4 addresses, and that’s to lease IPv4 addresses instead.

Why should you lease an IPv4 address space?

The shortage of IPv4 addresses is quite a crisis that not many people know about, affecting businesses that are in the middle of technical transformations the most. The demand for these IP addresses is sky high, but their availability is quite scarce. Fortunately, there is a solution to this issue that works in the long run, and that is switching to IPv6 networks. Unfortunately, the problem with this solution is that making the switch from IPv4 to IPv6 a lot of time and unrestricted IP address space is required. 

When you lease an IPv4 address, you are actually putting money into making the change to IPv6 without considerable costs or stakes. Once the switch to IPv6 has been made, you won’t have to stress about selling your Ipv4, because you’re leasing it all you’ll have to do is terminate your lease agreement.


Just like with any regular lease agreement, when leasing an IPv4 address space a monthly fee is necessary if you want to use the IPv4 addresses. Though, before you pledge yourself to a lease agreement, always make sure to look up information on the supplier and carefully read the terms and conditions of your IPv4 lease. This way you will know for sure that the process is reliable, and you can rest easy while using the IPv4 address space for however long you want.


So, do you want to switch to IPv6 eventually without having to compromise the processes or networks? Lease Ipv4 now and disburse simply for what you require.