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10 of the best books on business and personal performance

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Top bestsellers in business, marketing, management and personal performance on international book rankings, as well as positive reviews from readers and critics.

«You Don’t Have to Go Crazy at Work» by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hensson

In their latest book, the authors discuss why a culture of calm, smart deadlines, no overwork, abstract and unrealistic goals is beneficial for both business owners and all employees. While Jason Fried and David Hensson have covered some of the ideas in their previous bestsellers, Rework and Remote, in Don’t Go Crazy at Work, they go into more detail on creating a calm corporate culture and ending common and exhausting practices. – overwork, lack of sleep, unrealistic and abstract goals and deadlines. The authors not only point to the paradox of our time – we have made working conditions easier and at the same time we cannot normally concentrate on the workplace, but also offer their own solution to this paradox.

«The Leadership Dichotomy» by Joko Willink and Leif Babin

In their new book, former SEALs Joko Willink and Leif Babin talk about the dilemmas all leaders face and how to make the right choices. In this book, the authors expand on the topics that they raised in their previous book “Extreme Responsibility” – about how the principles used by the military in battle can be successfully applied in business, about the division of responsibility in each division between leaders of all levels, from basic to advanced. Immediately after its release, the book became a bestseller and entered the top ten best-selling books according to Amazon.

«Decide to lead: brave work, tough talk, whole hearts» Brené Brown

Scientist and best-selling author Brené Brown talks about how to become a truly courageous leader who is not afraid of mistakes and failures and takes full responsibility. Immediately after its release, Brené Brown’s book became a bestseller and entered the list of 10 most read books in the nonfiction genre according to Amazon. Recommended by: Pixar President Ed Catmell and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

«How Top Performers Do Less, Work Better, and Achieve More» by Morten T. Hansen

Morten Hansen identifies seven practices that are the foundation of effective and meaningful work:

  • – Ability to highlight the main thing and concentrate on it;
  • – Focusing on value creation, not just goal achievement;
  • – Continuous training and professional development.
  • – Combination of passion and purpose;
  • – Ability to convey your ideas to other people in such a way as to enlist their support;
  • – Encouraging openness;
  • – Disciplined cooperation.

Use the seven practices not only in your work but also in your personal life. Choose priorities and focus on one of them.

«Never Stop Learning» by Bradley States

The author talks about how we learn, what should be changed in the learning process in order to adapt to the modern world, which is constantly changing. Recommended by Stanford professor and bestselling author Robert Sutton; General of the US Army Stanley McChrystal; Matt Breitfelder, Managing Director of the international investment company BlackRock; and others.

Ray Dalio’s «Principles»

Ray Dalio is one of the most influential people in the world, the head of the corporation he founded Bridgewater Associates, a famous financier, entrepreneur and investor. The book “Principles” is based on the rules, guided by which he managed to rise to the heights of success and is now ready to share with others.

«Find the Time» by Jake Nappa and John Zeratsky

The authors talk about how to break out of the vicious circle of constant employment and learn to focus on the main thing. The authors suggest a variety of strategies for prioritizing, taming the time eaters, and recuperating. The paradox of the modern world – we do a lot, but we do very little. Read about how to keep up with the main things in the book “Find Time”.

«The third door»  by Alex Banayan

The book talks about how to make your dream come true, starting almost from scratch, and what you can learn from the most successful people in the world. Recommended by: Tony Robbins, Arianna Huffington, Netflix Marketing Director Maya Watson Banks, writing by Sean Achor, musicians Mike Posner and Brad Delson (Linkin Park); US Ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein Susie Levin.

 Skip Pritchard’s «Book of Errors»

Bestseller of 2018, written in the format of a business novel. The book tells about how to get around common mistakes, pitfalls on the road to success, about the right choice in business and personal life. Recommended by: Zappos founder Tony Shea, bestselling authors Michael Hyatt, Stephen Covey Jr., Marshall Goldsmith.

«Awesome Habit»  by James Clear

A bestseller on how small changes lead to extraordinary results. In his book, James Clear discusses evidence-based strategies for perpetuating good habits and what to do to prevent desired behavior from being just a good intention. Immediately after its release, the book became a bestseller according to the New York Times and entered the list of 10 best-selling books in the genre of non-fiction according to Amazon.

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