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Avoiding insects with the perfect fly curtains

Do you also have a lot insects in your house in summer? We have! And it is terrible to have them in your home. Flies do bother you all the time. Its like you are a honey and they are bees. When you push them away. They come back and sit on your arms or even on your head.

There is a simply solution to keep flies and other insects out of your house. Use fly screens. Fly screens do exist in many many ways. We found a website in the Netherlands that maybe have the biggest choice of the world in flycurtains and flyscreens. They have a cheap curtain with small dreads which look very fancy too. But this one not really heavy so if the wind is blowing, the dreads will get up and insects can fly into your house.

A better one is the mosquito net. This is a door curtain with very small holes. Fresh air can easy get through it. But insects can not. Also mosquito’s can’t. So it means they won’t trouble you.

There are also special screens for windows to keep flies and musquito’s away from you bedroom. I think we all know how terrible it is when a musquito keep you awake at night. I always turn on the light and try to find them. But I never can. The strange thing is the fact that when I turn the light off. They immediately come back to me and bother me with their terrible sound. The worst thing is if they bite you. Anyway its better to keep them outside with a perfect insect screen. If you need any ideas, check this website. It’s full of amazing ideas to keep insects outside.