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 Hello, this is the online solution group, thank you for joining us. Today: Let’s answer. What does it mean to develop a problem-solving strategy? Why is it important to develop a problem-solving strategy? How to develop a strategy to solve the problem? Imagine WAD, a small software development company owned and operated by the Sergio family. The Sergio family developed everything for standard computers, but the news on the street is that customers want more choices. This made Sergio think about what products they could develop. Working together, Sergio came up with a whole host of different products they could develop, including digital business cards, mobile applications, CRM systems, and even job applicants’ aggregators and application tracking systems. So, what is their next step?


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If the car has been transferred to the buyer, you will receive – from the buyer – a certificate of indemnification; you are no longer responsible for the vehicle from now on. So keep this evidence safe.

From 1 January 2014, buyers will no longer receive a new registration card immediately, but will be sent to the address where the buyer lives.

I have lost my license plate, what should I do?

It is impossible to sell a car without a valid registration certificate. If you have lost (part of) your registration certificate or registration code, you can request a new one from the RDW. They first send the registration certificate in the form of a credit card and then the license plate code. There are costs involved. For more information, visit the RDW website.

Tax and insurance

You also stop paying road tax on the date of registration. The Tax and Customs Administration reimburses or settles the paid (quarterly) allowance and road tax for your new car.

You also no longer need to insure your old car from the date of transfer. In most cases, you will need to send your insurance company a letter with a copy of the release.

Are you planning to buy another car in the near future? Then you can also suspend the car insurance. You no longer pay premiums, but you keep the accrued claim-free years.

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