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3 examples of how technology is automating traffic management

Nowadays, technology is engrained with everything we do. From basic household chores to complex practices that impact the world as we know it. The same applies to traffic flows. Technology has been slowly but surely automating various tasks and processes to make our lives easier. Here are three examples of how technology is being used to automate traffic flows.


1. ANPR Systems


ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) systems are used to automatically read and record vehicle registration numbers. This information can then be used for a variety of purposes, including the enforcement of parking regulations, track vehicles for toll collection or provide real-time information to police and other law enforcement agencies.


This technology relies on a network of cameras that are constantly scanning for vehicle registration plates. When a plate is read, the ANPR system will record the time, date and location of the reading. This information can then be accessed and used as needed.


2. Long Range RFID


Long range RFID systems are used to automatically identify and track vehicles as they enter and exit a parking facility. This information can be used to optimize traffic flow, reduce congestion and improve safety. Long range RFID technology is increasingly being used in facilities such as gated communities, business parking sites or truck fleet depots.


The RFID technology is based on the use of tags that are attached to vehicles. These tags emit a unique ID that can be read by a network of RFID readers. The information is then transmitted to a central database where it can be accessed and used as needed.


3. Smart Parking Sensors


Smart parking sensors are used to automatically detect the presence of vehicles in a parking space. This information can be used to help drivers find available parking spaces, or to monitor compliance with parking regulations.


Installing smart parking sensors in a parking facility allows for a real-time view of available spaces. This information can be transmitted to drivers via a mobile app or website, helping them to find an available space quickly and easily.


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