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Madden NFL 21 Legends Are Here!

Madden NFL 21 is now available worldwide and with the arrival of the title, a lot of important information about its gameplay, game modes and much more has been released.

One of the things that all the players were looking forward to was playing the famous Madden Ultimate Team mode and seeing for themselves all the new features that they will be able to enjoy in the game.

The launch of the title came plenty of promotions in Madden Ultimate Team and one of the most interesting is the reveal of eight of the legends that are available in this game mode.

Without any doubt, we are completely sure that many players are already thinking about how can they buy MUT Coins to be able to add one of this players to their teams.


Madden NFL 21 Legends

The first two legends revealed are Hall of Famers Dan Marino and Jerry Rice, two players who have maintained their legacy alive until these days for those wonderful plays that meant championships and great joys for the fans.

Taking into consideration the unquestionable quality of these players, it could be normal if many users use them as bases for their team, since the important position of QB would be covered and they would have a great receiver in their alleys.

Dan Marino has an overall rate of 90 points in the game, having an impressive Throw Power of 91 points. However, his lack of speed can make it much less attractive to players who prefer to have a fast QB on their team who can get out of different situations by scrambling or dodging opponents quickly.

Here is a list with his most important attributes:

l Throw Power – 91 points.

l Throw Under Pressure – 89 points.

l Short Range Accuracy – 88 points.

l Deep Accuracy – 87 points.

l Speed – 57 points.

On the other hand, Jerry Rice has an 89 overall card with attributes that align him with the capabilities of the best players of today NFL.

Rice is spectacular at Short and Medium Route receiving, skills that can make him a huge factor in deciding how to plan that important play that will change the course of the game.

Here is a list of the attributes that you must take into consideration to use this player correctly:

l Cathing – 88 points.

l Short Route Receiving – 88 points.

l Medium Route Receiving – 88 points.

l Speed – 86 points.

l Deep Range – 86 points.

Likewise, the other six players included as legends in MUT are Jerome Bettis, Richard Seymour, Bobby Bell, Joe Thomas, and Merlin Olsen.


Player Items And Power Ups Were Also Revealed

It’s not enough to win in Madden Ultimate Team to have a great team with a big number of players, you must be smart to buy the items and power ups that can take your players to the next level on the clutch.

In Madden NFL 21 you will have to do some missions to collect the Power Up cards of your players, although everything becomes even more complicated when it comes to a legend.

In those cases, in order to access a legend’s boss card, you must first get 5 non-boss cards from the player to be able to exchange it later for that precious boss card.

So, that’s all about Madden NFL 21 Legend players! How do you think of them? If there’re anyone you’d like to have them in your team, go check MUTeamGo.com for more Madden 21 player and coins!