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NBA 2K21: Change To The Controversial Shooting System

The developers of NBA 2K21released this Sunday, July 6, an update changing the shooting system, although only for the lower difficulty modes: Rookie, Professional, and All-Star. From the official Twitter account, they say that the hotfix is ​​intended to help newcomers to the game.

Since the release of NBA 2K21 on September 4, the basketball simulator community has been divided. In this year’s edition a new shooting system has been released: you have to use the stick and point it towards the direction of the basket, and control the timing to correctly launch the ball.

The complexity of the system has been modified in the less difficult modes. This action is explained with a quick search on Twitter that shows that some players are unhappy with the new game mechanics, finding it difficult to score, medium shots, or free throws.

Damian Lillard, the NBA point guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, who is the cover star of the game, wrote on Twitter Saturday complaining about the new shot meter, claiming that he had yet to make a free throw. Damian Lillard also twitted: “Am I the only one struggling with this shot meter?”

Mike Wang, The gameplay Director for NBA 2K21, has posted on his Twitter account several tips to take advantage of the new shooting system, such as keeping the right stick down and slowly moving it left and right until the bar is centered, and press the lower triggers to give it more power. He also recommends moving the camera closer if you are having trouble seeing the meter.

NBA 2K21 is available right now on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4. The versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be launched together with the premiere of the new consoles.

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