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Working temporarily in the Netherlands

Everyone residing in the Netherlands is obliged to have Dutch health insurance. Are you temporarily coming to work in the Netherlands as a foreigner? In that case it is also important to take out health insurance. Now we understand that you will need to make more arrangements if you come to live and work in the Netherlands. That is why HollandZorg is tailored to your situation. We take into account that you would prefer to be able to take out your healthcare insurance easily and quickly. Family members who move with you can be co-insured. And, of course, cancelling or temporarily terminating the insurance is no problem either. This also makes it attractive for flexible migrants to opt for HollandZorg.

Health insurance for migrant workers

As an employer, are you looking for health insurance specifically for your foreign employees? Then HollandZorg is also a good choice. If necessary, you can take out health insurance for your employees if they are unable to arrange this themselves properly. As an employer, you can also apply for a healthcare allowance if an employee qualifies for one. The employer portal gives you insight into the care administration of your employees. And with our healthcare insurance for labour migrants, your employees benefit from complete health insurance with good service.

Reimbursement of healthcare

With insurance from HollandZorg you are not only covered for care within the Netherlands. Even if you are temporarily staying in another European country, you will also be entitled to reimbursement of necessary care. Please be aware, however, that the reimbursements will vary per country. Do you have any questions about your health insurance in the Netherlands or reimbursements? Always contact us. Are you looking for a suitable healthcare provider? If so, you can also contact us. We will be happy to assist you.