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IP brokers: The fairy godmothers of the IP transfer market

IP brokers: The fairy godmothers of the IP transfer market

If you are a techy person by nature or you run a website or webshop of sorts, it would be very surprising if you haven’t heard about the IP transfer market. This market has been the backbone of parties getting the IPv4 addresses they need ever since the amount of those addresses started declining. In 2019, the RIPE NCC finally announced that all the IPv4 addresses ran out, and there was no more to give away. Once this was announced, the value of a single IPv4 address increased drastically, and for years after that it keeps going just a bit higher. 

Because of this, people are scrambling to sell the addresses they have in their possession, and those who need to attain them try to get as much as they can. Unfortunately, due to the price, not many parties that need IPv4 in bulk are able to purchase it. The whole process of buying, selling, and leasing IPv4 addresses is not a simple one, which is why it is always recommended to work with an IP broker as they can act as a sort of fairy godmother for people. Here are some reasons why.

They have a good system

When you’ve been in the game for as long as many of these IP brokers, you too would build many connections with people in order to work with them again in the future. Because these IP brokers work with IPv4 address sellers as well as buyers, they have the ability to connect them whenever possible. If you go into the IP transfer market alone looking to buy or sell, you won’t find someone very willing to work and connect with you, especially not right away. With an IP broker not only will you have many options, but you will be a lot more credible to others.

They can help you avoid risks

As we mentioned before, the IP transfer market is not a simple place to navigate, especially if you don’t do more than your basic research. However, with a licensed IP broker, all you need to know is right in their head. The most important aspect of the transfer market you need to carefully navigate through are all the rules and regulations around transferring IPv4 addresses. IP brokers will make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible because if not, you can get into a lot of legal or personal trouble. At Prefixbroker.com you can check out more information regarding IPv4s and IP brokers that can help.